Theme Wrangler

Theme Wrangler

AUTOMATIC appears to be a pleasant and interesting opportunity for a web coder to work. After it was pressented by Veselin @ #BurgasConf, I sneakpeaked on the jobs offers. Ok, let’s see it!

Review: WAMP stacks for Web developers

Review: WAMP stacks for Web developers

Since I am back to coding these last days, I need to re-check some choices just like the web server I am going to use. Some reseach led me to StackOverflow, of course, where I found the link to this usefull testdrive, featured:

  1. AMPPS
  2. BitNami WAMPStack 
  3. Microsoft Web Platform Installer
  4. XAMPP &
  5. WampServer

..and scored in just the same order. I found it usefull since there are several criteria you may consider.